Daytime, Nighttime, Anytime, Ys Goes Better With Rock

The PSP is about to get a bit more metal, or so XSEED announced today.  All launch packages of Ys I & II Chronicles will be 80s-themed “Hair Metal Packs”, which contain bonus soundtrack CDs and will retail for $29.99, with the downloadable version five bucks cheaper.  The hair metal theme is a tribute to the jdk Band, Falcom’s in-house rock band who made their debut the same year as Ys I in 1987.  Among those preordering is notorious Russian mob kingpin Konstantin Brayko, who was last seen selecting music for a confrontation with a rogue US agent.  We at RandompNPC suggest he run, run so far away, that he run, run all night and day.

(Spoiler alert: he couldn’t get away.)

Chronicles will launch in February.  Hair spray, eyeliner, and a spot on VH1’s “Behind the Music” twenty years later are not included.

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