Dragon Age 2 Unlockables via Facebook and Dead Space 2

Dragon Age 2 looks to have some interesting bonuses from outside the game, keeping with the series tradition thus far. Not content with brutally curb-stomping his fellow man (after they’ve been horribly mutated) in space, Dead Space‘s Isaac Clarke will make a cameo in Dragon Age 2 by way of a bonus suit of armor.  The armor is available through a code contained in copies of Dead Space 2, as revealed in a crossover trailer available courtesy of 1UP. Friendly reminder: DS2 comes out tomorrow.

BioWare also took the liberty of revealing the unlockable bonuses in the Facebook-bound Dragon Age Legends. The adventures of demon hunter Evra will grant access to five items in all, bulleted below:

  • Evra’s Might, a ring largely used to punch demons in the face, apparently added after a fan asked if they can have a ring with which to punch demons in the face.
  • Evra’s Trophy Belt, a composite piece made of teeth, blade chips, armor scraps, and other quote-unquote trophies Evra has collected over the years.
  • Air of Confidence, a ring Evra wears pretty much always with as-yet-unknown properties.
  • Ivo Family Crest, a dwarven house insignia that ties into a side project dubbed Dragon Age Journeys.
  • Dura’s Blue Flame, an amulet that has changed hands a lot over the years, and is also related to Dragon Age Journeys.

More information about the items can be found on BioWare’s blog. Legends is still accepting applications for beta testers via the link above.

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