What Happened This Week – It Only Leaks Everything

Greetings and salutations!  Time for the news, and what a busy week it’s been for that.  You gotta hand it to Sony, when it comes to spectacular failures they’re such hard act to follow.  Anyway, let’s see what’s happening:

  • Sony’s PSN saga thus far: Network goes down, small problem; company waited a week to warn of compromised personal info, big problem.
  • The scope of the hack has hit mainstream news, and both state and federal investigations are being conducted.  Sony’s marketing team prepares to make themselves taller.
  • What does this mean for Sony’s E3 showing?  Probably more than it does for their long-term prospects.  The internet never forgets, but it does have a short attention span.
  • Kaz Hirai’s press conference: Please overlook password insecurity with this free month of PSN+.  The month is also cursed.
  • Zynga acquires EA’s chief operating officer and a UK office. It’s like the 90s all over again, only closer to a depressing cyberpunk dystopia!
  • Portal 2 making-of feature hints it may be “Valve’s last game with an isolated single-player experience.”  That screaming you’re hearing is the Half-Life fanbase.
  • Nintendo issues a statement that the Wii 2 will be at E3.  Also, getting to 90% of the sales target for the 3DS is considered a flop, apparently.
  • Smurfs dancing game screenshots and Love Plus on the 3DS offer definitive proof that our creator has abandoned us.

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