What Happened This Week – Weird Acts of Corporate Theater: 2011

Howdy-ho, people! It’s time for the news, and what, oh what could we possibly have to talk about? Let’s get right to it:

  • Microsoft: KINECT KINECT KINECT KINECT!  KINECT? KINECT!! Also, shooters, most of which you already knew about.  That said, the Tomb Raider game looks right up my alley.
  • What MS didn’t say: cloud storage for Live data, profiles available through any 360, and Blackwater (yes, that Blackwater) is getting a Kinect-equipped shooter.
  • Sony: Sorry for the inconvenience of having your data stolen of the outage.  We hope you’ll accept this modest 3DTV bundle price as compensation.
  • More Sony: PSVita revealed, priced at $249-299 US dollars.  Let the handheld wars recommence!
  • Nintendo: ZELDA ZELDA ZEL- okay, enough about the Wii.  Here’s some 3DS stuff.  Alright, enough of that.  New console time!
  • Wii U: See all the stuff you can do with the controller?  No, the controller’s not the console.  No, we don’t have anything ready yet.  Look at the controller!
  • EA and Ubisoft’s conferences, notable absences, and more!

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