What Happened This Week – Kinecting Wii And U For The Lulz

Hey people, it’s that time again: time to wish it wasn’t Sunday and we all didn’t have to get up in the morning.  But as long as we’re putting off sleep, how about we gather ’round and talk news for a while?  In today’s episode:

  • The Great Hacking Bonanza of 2011 continues at a startling pace, including Sega, BioWare, and the CIA as some of the latest targets.
  • Amidst this, rival hackers try to unmask each other: LulzSec vs. th3j35t3r vs. Anon vs. everybody else.  Where’s Thunderdome when you need it?
  • A new Kinect accessory makes it more useful in tight quarters, promising a rash of broken furniture and appliances in small apartments the world over.
  • Miyamoto: At present, the Wii U is a one controller to one console deal.  Maybe we’ll let you hook up a 3DS or something, we’re not really sure.
  • Rock Paper Shotgun regales us with the story of a man trying to trademark the word “edge.”  Seriously, read the whole thing if you have the time.
  • Speculation on the console wars to come, a game company disappears from the face of the Earth, an idea fit for a Duke, and much more!

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