Borderlands 2 Officially Confirmed, Details Unveiled

With ongoing speculation of Borderlands 2‘s unofficial existence, the title has now been formally announced by developer Gearbox. CEO Randy Pitchford was reportedly disappointed that the information had been leaked, but it was confirmed that the title will see a release sometime in publisher Take-Two’s 2013 Fiscal Year; sometime between April 1 of 2012 and March 31 of 2013.

Some details about the gameplay were revealed as well. Borderlands 2, like its predecessor, is a four-player co-op shooter, though players will control a new cast of characters with the originals appearing simply as NPCs. The three-branch skill tree remains intact, and Eridium now serves as both currency and the means to upgrade weapons and vehicles. NPC interactions are reportedly deeper as well, from conversation to enemy AI. And lest we forget, the iconic yet annoying robot Claptrap will show up in the game as well.

Sources: 1UP, Eurogamer

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