Dragon Quest X Announced: Online Multiplayer and Other Details

In a press conference last night, Dragon Quest executive producer Yuu Miyake announced the long-awaited Dragon Quest X.  The title will include online multiplayer, giving players the option of teaming up to tackle the game’s quests, though the game can be completed in single player.  You’ll see other players running around the world as you play, though it was not clear how many can be in the same world at once.  Few details were given about the story, although new quests will be added after release as in Dragon Quest IX. Veteran Dragon Quest staffers are at the helm of the project, including Akira Toriyama on character design and Sugiyama Koichi for the music.

Additionally, DQX is being developed for both the Wii and Wii U.  Although the Wii U version will be graphically superior, both versions will access the same world.  With the Wii U itself lacking a concrete launch date, DQX only has a loose release timeframe of 2012.

Source: Andriasang

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