Disgaea and ClaDun Developers Announce New Project

Nippon Ichi and System Prisma – the Disgaea people and the ClaDun people, respectively – are teaming up for a new PS3 action-RPG dubbed Meikyuu Touro Regasist. Reportedly the plot centers around a fellow named Alto, who ventures out to remove a curse that has petrified his sister. This involves dungeon crawling, with all that implies: forming a party at your base camp, clearing individual floors, dealing with puzzles and traps in addition to monsters, and so on.

A couple specific elements have been explained. For starters there is only one negative status, poisoning, but it comes in several types that presumably run the usual gamut of effects. Some character customization is also in place, with six job types available. Combat is real-time, the game will feature full voice acting (with some speech during exploration), and the main story aims to offer 20-30 hours of playtime.

Shogou Kosakai, one of the game planners at Nippon Ichi, hinted at possible features. As part of a character editing system, the team is trying to implement an option to import illustrations from the PC. The game may also feature cross-company collaborations, not unlike ClaDun.

Meikyuu Touro Regasist is set for a March 15 release in Japan, pricing at ¥7,140.

Source: Andriasang

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