What Happened This Week – Podcast Later, Serve the Newell Now

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Bastion (+soundtrack), Beyond Good & Evil (thanks, JMan711!!), Blocks That Matter (thanks, xerozohar!), Burnout Paradise, Civilization V, Driver: San Francisco, Frozen Synapse: Red DLC, Hard Reset, Just Cause 2, KotOR, The Longest Journey, Mirror’s Edge, Mount & Blade: Complete, Payday, Republic Commando, Trine 2, The Walking Dead.

Yeah, yeah, another delay, forget about that. Civ V was engrossing and the Steam Summer Sale ends in a few hours and Witcher 2 is fifteen bucks what are you doing here I DON’T CARE IF YOU HATED THE GAME ON THE FLASH DEAL IT’S FIVE BUCKS GO GO GO

(Update tomorrow once me and my wallet have had time to recover.)

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