Nintendo Unveils New Pokemon X and Y Details

Further details have emerged about Pokemon X and Y. In particular, four new Pokemon have been confirmed:

  • Helioptile, a Normal/Electric type who generates electricity through sunbathing; it also has Parabolic Charge, which hits everything around it and restores its HP by half the damage dealt.
  • Flectchling, apart from being unpronouncable to me, is a Normal/Flying type that sings out of battle and uses Flame Charge in battle. This move increases its speed after each hit.
  • Pancham, a Fighting type that loves leaves (I’ll refrain from the obvious joke), can deal out a Parting Shot: an opponent’s attack and special attack stats are lowered, and Pancham can then be switched out for another Pokemon.
  • Gogoat, a large Grass type, doubles as a means of conveyance to some parts of Lumiose City. In battle, its Horn Leech attack recovers half the damage it deals as HP.

Nintendo also revealed more about the game itself. X and Y is set in Kalos, a strange star-shaped region home to unique breeds of Pokemon (including the above, presumably). Kalos’ capital city, Lumiose City, appears to be the central hub for the game. Additionally, trainers will be customizable down to hair color, skin color, and gender.

Source: Gematsu

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