More Pokemon X and Y Details: Legendary Types and New Pokemon

Nintendo has released more information about Pokemon X and Y, particularly about certain Legendary types and some of the new additions:

– Xerneas is one of the Legendary Pokemon and new to the series; a Fairy-type that apparently fights with rainbow-colored lights erupting from the ground. Its Fairy Aura ability strengthens Fairy-type moves for all Pokemon in battle, which also includes enemy Pokemon.
– Yveltal is another Legendary, a Dark/Flying type and the only Pokemon that can learn the powerful Oblivion Wing ability. This critter also features Dark Aura, which functions like the above-mentioned Fairy Aura: all Dark-type moves for all Pokemon are strengthened, including the opponent’s.
– Pangoro is a Fighting/Dark type, evolving from Pancham and developing a mean swing in the process: Hammer Arm, a Fighting-type move, packs a serious punch but penalizes the user’s Speed.
– Inkay, a Dark/Psychic-type, can debilitate other Pokemon via the flashing transmitters above its eyes. In particular, Topsy-Turvy (Dark-type) reverses all the stat changes affecting a target, effectively turning buffs into debuffs.
– Malamar is another Dark/Psychic-type, evolved from Inkay and capable of more overt manipulation. Its Hypnosis ability can put opponents asleep and leave them unable to act or defend themselves in battle.
– Swirlix, a Fairy-type, can only be captured in Pokemon X. Its Sweet Veil ability seems tailored to counter Hypnosis, as it guards friendly Pokemon against sleep effects. On offense, Swirlix can use Draining Kiss, which predictably heals the user based on damage to the target.
– Last is Spritzee, another Fairy-type available only in Pokemon Y. This peculiarly-scented Pokemon can learn the Grass-type move Aromatherapy, which also cures status effects on allies.

Source: Gematsu

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