New Pokemon X/Y Details Emerge

Nintendo has released additional details for their upcoming license to print money, Pokemon X and Y. Namely, the game will feature a new form of evolution for Pokemon during battle. The tellingly named “Mega Evolution” will alter the Pokemon’s appearance, increase their stats, and may add new abilities or change their type, though this is only applicable during battle. For instance, Mega Ampharos gains the Dragon type in addition to its existing Electric type, while Mega Mawile gains the ability “Huge Power.”

Additionally, players can put their Pokemon through Super Training outside of combat. These training regimens take the form of minigames, controlled via the touch screen, which allow them to increase their base stats and underlying values. Conversely, Core Training sets up training bags for Pokemon to practice on, which they can do on their own or with the player’s guidance.

New Pokemon were also introduced: Dedenne, an Electric- and Fairy-type that emits radio waves from its antenna-shaped whiskers; Bunnelby, a Normal-type that somehow uses its large ears to dig and as weapons; and Skiddo, a Grass-type that evolves into Gogoat and can carry people on its back.

Source: Gematsu

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