More Pokemon X and Y Information

The steady drip of Pokemon X/Y information continues, with new details on starter and mega evolutions, new Pokemon, and the Pokemon Global Link. Of particular note are the following.

Chespin evolves into Quilladin, strengthening its shell and spikes. It can then learn Mud Shot, a Ground-type attack which damages an enemy and reduces their Speed. Fennekin can evolve into Braixen, at which point it stops eating branches but still keeps one in its tail; Braixen can learn Psyshock, a Psychic-type attack that deals damage based on the target’s defense. And Frogadier evolves from Froakie, improving its jumping skill. Predictably, it can learn Bounce, a Flying-type attack that hits hard against Grass-type.

Regarding mega evolutions, Mewtwo actually has two mega forms. Its second, Mega Mewtwo X, is even larger than Mega Mewtwo Y, gaining the Fighting type and a boost to its Attack stat. Producing this form requires a Mewtonite X Mega Stone. Garchomp also has a mega form, gaining arm-blades in the process and large boosts to Attack and Special Attack, though its Speed drops somewhat.

As for the Pokemon global link, players can view it over smartphones and computers; the PGL shows the results from Rating Battles, which are divided into Single, Double, Triple, Rotation, and Special Battle categories. Rules for Special Battles change every three months.

New Pokemon include:

  • Furfrou – Learns new abilities based on its appearance, which is changed via grooming; its fur grows back if left unattended for a few days. Its Fur Coat ability halves damage from physical attacks, and it can also learn Baby-Doll Eyes, a Fairy-type move that ensures the user goes first regardless of Speed.
  • Meowstic – Male and female Meowstics have different forms and learn different movesets. Male Meowstic has support moves like Miracle Eye, a Psychic-type that allows future moves to ignore the opponent’s evasion. This also lets Psychic-type attacks damage Dark-type Pokemon. Female Meowstic is oriented for offense; its own Psychic-type move, Extrasensory, deals damage and denies its target a chance to move on that turn.
  • Tyrunt – An ancient Pokemon, gained by restoring it from a jaw fossil at the appropriately-named Fossil Lab. Tyrunt features the Strong Jaw ability, which lets Crunch and other biting attacks hit harder.
  • Amamura – Another ancient Pokemon, restored from a sail fossil at the lab. Players must choose between Amamura and Tyrunt. Amamura’s Refrigerate ability turns Normal moves into Ice-types, and it can also learn Aurora Beam.
  • Pyroar – Evolved from Litleo; male and female Pyroars also have different forms, though they appear to have the same moves. Pyroar learns Echoed Voice, which grows more powerful the more it’s used – apparently, even by allies.

Source: Gematsu

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