Persona 4: Dancing All Night Gets Detailed

As long as we’re talking Persona, Atlus also put out more information about Persona 4 spinoff Dancing All Night. Storywise, the game follows Rise’s idol group, who investigate an urban legend about a web video causing viewers to be taken to “The Other Side.” Said other side is apparently a place called the “Mayonaka Stage,” and when the phenomenon claims a fellow idol group, Rise and company willingly participate in order to free the captives. Cue dancing to defeat Shadows.

Apart from Rise, Atlus announced that the Protagonist of Persona 4 will also show up to help out. One of Rise’s junior idols, Kanami Mashita, is also a key character who gets stuck on the Other Side. The music will include remixes of prior Persona soundtracks along with new compositions: the former includes “Pursuing My True Self,” “Heaven,” “Reach Out to the Truth,” “Time to Make History,” and “True Story.”

Put on your red shoes and dance (in Japan, at least) starting Fall of 2014.

Source: Gematsu

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