Legend of Legacy World, Characters, Staff Detailed

Following the recent announcement of The Legend of Legacy, FuRyu has launched the game’s official website, revealing more information about the game’s world and characters.

The story centers around Avalon, a mysterious island that suddenly emerged from the northern seas some ten years ago; a land that neatly lines up with a legend bearing the same name. Adventurers have explored the island since, revealing little other than its bizarre inhabitants – ghostly figures, believed to be tied to gods that supposedly exist somewhere on Avalon – and derelict buildings seemingly not constructed by humans.

Players build a party from a pool of seven characters: Eloise, a doctor and alchemist researching immortality; Liber, a young and energetic treasure hunter; Bianca, a kindly adventurer who recalls nothing but her name; Meurs, a member of a clan with the power to communicate with spirits; Garnet, a loyal yet stubborn church knight; Owen, a proud and greedy bounty hunter; and Filmia, a polite frog creature who apparently was once a prince. The player selects one as the main character and fills the party with three others, who can be swapped out at Initium, the island’s only inhabited town.

Additionally, FuRyu listed several of the game’s staff, which includes director Masataka Matsuura (formerly of Level-5), SaGa series veteran Kyoji Joizumi on game design, Yuuichirou Kojima (previously with Square Enix) on monster design, and composer Masashi Hamauzu (whose credits include SaGa and Final Fantasy titles).

The Legend of Legacy is set for a January 22 release in Japan.

Source: Gematsu

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