Who We Are

Some of you have been wondering just who we all are anyway. Does Roku run the whole show by himself, or does he have a crew of trained monkeys? The answer is that there is an experienced team backing this site.

Think of RandomNPC.com as a quiet village nestled in a valley. There are few villagers, but they have many talents. They are writers, thinkers, artists, and above all gamers. You can speak to any of them, and he or she will offer guidance in your quest for gaming treasures. In time, the village could grow into a bustling city with even more characters and resources. The potential is boundless. But for now, it’s a quiet village, humbly offering its assistance to passing adventurers.

With the cheesy parallel out of the way, we’d like to introduce you to the group.

  • Derek Cavin, a.k.a. Roku: Lord of Random and a highly experienced reviewer. He’s in charge of administration, game reviews, and random things such as space ninja and octopuses.
  • Michael Beckett, a.k.a. CactuarJoe: Lord of Kitties, Professor of Cruel and Unusual Geography, and also a highly experienced reviewer. His job is to write reviews and drop kittens on unsuspecting persons.
  • Jerry Swain, a.k.a. XeroZohar: Omnipotent Dark Matter Cucumber Master and programmer. He’s in charge of coding and managing questionable vegetables.
  • John Boske, a.k.a. Karlinn: Brave Corporate Logo and prolific writer. He’s our moderator, and he promises to write for us as well. He’s also the crash test dummy for catgirl launches.
  • Michael Kozinko, a.k.a. Slayer of God: White Testament and aficionado of fanfiction and forums. He’s our co-moderator, and perhaps a competent writer. We shall see. In addition, he’s responsible for generating smartass remarks.
  • Jason Schreier, a.k.a. Ishmael: Erotic Penguin Masseuse and an experienced reviewer. He’ll be writing reviews, of course. He also ensures that no animals are harmed in the making of this site.
  • Cortney Stone, a.k.a. Alethea: One Girl Army, token female gamer, and experienced reviewer/news writer. She is in charge of graphics and quality control, which includes keeping all these men in line.

So that’s our starting lineup — a “dream team” of competent people with years of experience in the game news/reviews industry. We’re also a group of friends who love to write and talk about RPGs as much as we love to play them.

Of course, one fact must be addressed. We have a common background as former employees of another RPG-oriented website. We did not establish RandomNPC.com as a means of exacting revenge or being spiteful. Our purpose is not to crush our competition, but to edify the RPG community as a whole. We simply wish to do so on our own terms.


  1. H-bomb:

    Man, and I already used the Bob Marley lyrics in the “Welcome” post. Crap.

  2. Duke Gallison:

    Glad there’s another RPG site for me to stalk :P

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