Old and Busted: Saving the World. New Hotness: World Destruction

Since saving the world is apparently cliche these days, Sega has announced World Destruction for the Nintendo DS. Details of the plot have yet to trickle in, but most of the important people behind the game are known. The game is being developed by Ryoei Mikage from Image Epoch.

Masato Kato is in charge of the scenario. Kunihiko Tanaka is taking care of character design, and Yasunori Mitsuda is the composer. All three are famous for their work in Xenogears among many other games. The game’s producer is Sega’s Youichi Shimosato.

Aside from a handful of famous people lending a hand to this game’s development, it is also known that the combat will be turn based with traditional menus. The graphics are 3D, and some of the bosses will be big enough to span both screens. An anime based on the game is also planned and will begin airing in July.

World Destruction is currently slated for release in Japan this summer. Check back later for plot details as they are translated.

Sources: Famitsu, NeoGAF

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