Level-5 Combines Soccer With RPGs, Creates Every Form of Media Ever Known

In a press conference held in Tokyo, Level-5 announced the newest expansions to the Inazuma Eleven series in the form of a new soccer-based console RPG, manga series, anime, and trading card game in Japan.

The game is titled Inazuma Eleven Break! and will be on an as-of-yet unannounced console. This will make it the first self-published console game for the company, and the second game overall, with their first game being Professor Layton and the Mysterious Dungeon. Level-5 previously made a DS game in the Inazuma Eleven series. There is also an official website for the brand.

The Comic will run in Coro Coro comics, and anime is being produced by OLM studios of Pokemon and Deltora Quest fame. The card game is nearing completion and will begin soon.

So far there are no plans to release any of the properties in North America, but anything can happen.

Source: IGN

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