Wii Getting Another Kingly Game

Marvelous Entertainment has recently announced Oh-sama Monogatari, a Sim-RPG for theNintendo Wii, which roughly translates to The King’s Story. The game is about a young boy that discovers a magical crown that makes him a king, and it follows his adventures creating a kingdom. Players will be able to build towns, invent new technologies, and create a militia. At this point, most details are scarce, but it is known that at least three character jobs exist. They are soldier, carpenter, and farmer. For those that want to know more, there is an official website

So far, there is no mention of a North American release for this game, but Marvelous did recently make a deal with XSeed to publish more games on this side of the Pacific. Since Wii games sell like hotcakes, it’s not out of the realm of possibility this game will find its way to other regions.

Source: Famitsu

Translator: Adrienne Beck

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