New Valkyrie Details Develop

Square Enix has revealed a few details for its upcoming Valkyrie Profile: Toga wo Seou Mono. For starters, the main character will not be a valkyrie as in previous games. This time, the protagonist will be a human seeking revenge against the valkyries.

Some new details regarding the battle system have also be divulged. Players will be able to control party members individually. It will be possible to explore one field with one character and then go in another direction with a different character. Enemies will be on the field map, and battles will begin by moving close to them with whichever character the player is currently controlling. If any other party members are close enough, they will automatically join in the fight. In the case that all four members of the party are together in the battle, players will be able to utilize “Active Formation” abilities that allow for special attacks that depend on the placement of each character.

Translator: Adrienne Beck
Source: Famitsu

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