FEStival to Begin in Europe This Fall

When it was announced that Persona 3 was getting an expansion in the form of Persona 3 FES, most believed it would never see the light of day in North America, and were surprised and delighted when it did. Now European gamers will get to join in the festivities as KOEI has announced that it will be bringing the game to over this October.

“We’ve been inundated with requests to bring this highly regarded RPG to Europe so we’re delighted to finally be able to give RPG fans what they’ve been wishing for,” said KOEI’s Sales Manager Will Curley. “Persona 3 FES represents the very pinnacle of top quality RPG gaming and has already received some amazing review scores upon release in the US that have even surpassed the remarkable widespread acclaim for the original game.”

FES is a standalone version of Persona 3 for the PlayStation 2 with bonus content and a 30+ hour extra chapter known as “The Answer.” Players can carry over game data from Persona 3, but the original game is not required in order to play FES.

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