Leveling Up

RandomNPC keeps growing and growing. We’ve had some plans in the works for some time now, and we’re finally confident enough in them to announce some new sections.

Video Review Re-Launch
As you’ve no doubt guessed by our latest poll, our video workstations are functioning properly again. We did lose a fair amount of work that was already in progress, but we’re just about ready to start the section up again. We have a few special videos going up next week, but the top few games from this month’s poll will determine November’s video reviews. You can expect video reviews to typically go up on Saturdays, though the number of these per month may vary.

Strategy Session
We play games. A lot of games. While we don’t usually specialize in any one game or series, sometimes we still end up discovering a really awesome strategy that other people might be interested in hearing about. You can expect these to start typically going up on Sundays.

Podcast Roundtables
There seems to have been a sudden jump in support for our podcasts lately, so we’re going to start doing roundtables more regularly. If you’d like to send in a question for us or topic you’re interested in hearing us discuss, feel free to email roku@randomnpc.com or post in this thread.

Editorial Series
We’re also working hard on a long series of editorials. What are they about? Well, we don’t want to give away too much too early, but we think you’ll find them interesting. There’s currently no set day of the week for these, but you can expect them to start going up in a week or two.

Oh yeah…and be sure to check back periodically between the 25th and 31st for something fun.

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