Atlus Details Classic Mode in The Dark Spire

Atlus detailed the classic mode in its upcoming first-person dungeon crawler, The Dark Spire. In many ways, the game is a trip down memory lane for fans of the genre, but Atlus has taken things one step further by completely changing the game’s look and feel. Instead of rich and vibrant colors, classic mode will feature low-res sprites and wire frame visuals. The music will also be replaced with retro bleeps and bloops that, as Atlus says, “The game is, for all intents and purposes, a love letter to those classic first-person dungeon crawlers of old: TITLE OMITTED FOR LEGAL REASONS, TITLE OMITTED FOR LEGAL REASONS, and TITLE OMITTED FOR LEGAL REASONS.”

Hit the jump to see exactly what the game looks like in both forms.

And if you want to hear what the game sounds like, Atlus has you covered.

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