Alpha Protocol Impression

Sega had a big booth, full of shiny games, and among them was Alpha Protocol. While I didn’t get to see much of the plot, I definitely saw the battle system. It plays much like a mixture of Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid, with stealth playing a major role in combat. Players can also utilize a number of special abilities, including offensive, defensive, and passive skills. Two were highlighted on the show floor. One cloaked your player, and the other allowed for multiple enemies to be killed in rapid succession.

The demo also showed off the skill tree. It works similarly to the one in Mass Effect. New skills are clearly marked, and skills can be upgraded in any order. Much like with Mass Effect, one must choose skill upgrades carefully; though you can max out several skills, you can’t get everything before the level cap.

Though they weren’t shown in the demo, Sega mentioned a few other tidbits. Players will be able to customize the hero’s appearance, but Thorton’s gender is not on the table. One last thing that was mentioned is that the game will take place in “stages.” Once finished, players will not be able to replay specific locations; but there will be other places to visit in the same area.

Alpha Protocol is due out October 2009.

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