Tales Series Steps into the Ring, Introduces Tales of Versus

Namco-Bandai’s long running Tales RPG series has stepped through the ropes into the fighter’s ring with Tales of Versus. 35 characters from 13 different Tales games duke it out for the special mana fruit borne by the World Tree only once every three years.  

Players can go at each other in a versus-battle mode for up to four characters, or they can choose to follow the game’s storyline in the 1-player Yggdrasil Battle mode.   Versus-battles will have randomly-appearing items and stage gimicks to spice up the melee, while Yggdrasil Battle mode will progress in scenario format, with several scenarios open to choose from.  A completed scenario will open up further scenarios, and perhaps unlock new characters.  The battle system will be, as always, a variant on the Tales series signature Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS).   “GP” gained from winning battles will allow for customization of character stats and skills.

Tales of VS is due out in Japan for the PSP on 8/6.

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