New Additions to Tales of Graces

Tales of Graces is set to come out on the Wii in the winter of 2009, and in that release comes a few new characters as well as some new additions to the battle system.

First in the additions to the battle system is something that is known as “Style Shift.” In this new addition, a player simply has to press a button and voila: equipment, spells, and even battle styles will change for each character, all completely depending on the situation at hand. An example you demand? Cheria, one of the new characters, can either “put ‘em up” and fight with some daggers, or she can play the healer for others and cast out a few support spells. Good enough for you? No? How about Hubert, another new character? He can either fight with dual blades or dual guns, your choice.

Unlike an older version of Tales series, which only allowed back steps and blocks, this new and improved version allows for side stepping as well, which we all know allows for some counter attacks.

Now a little bit more about the new characters.

Cheria Barnes, voiced by Shiho Kawaragi, is the granddaughter of the Lhant family and a childhood friend to Asbel Lhant, for whom she apparently has feelings. Her Mystic Arte is Alterism Line, which means she is able to throw all her daggers that she has tucked up her sleeves, allowing her to hit a wider target.  Other moves, like Thunderbolt and Nurse, fall more into the “mage” category.

Secondly, Hubert Ozwell, is voiced by Takahiro Mizushima. Asbel’s younger brother by one year, he is a once nice and quiet kid who has grown up to be quite the strong man and holds the rank of Major in the Strata Army.  His Mystic Arte is Instant Waltz, a move that turns his two swords into two guns and hits all enemies at once. Some of his normal skills include Raigashourai, which utilizes his swords, and another is Rail Arrow, which utilizes his guns.

Source: Siliconera

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