Atlus Announces New RPG for PSP – Hexyz Force

Atlus and Sting have teamed up yet again, this time bringing us a traditional-style RPG for the PSP – Hexyz Force.  Aside from the hours of entertainment inherent in simply attempting to pronounce its title (hexies?  hek-syz?), Hexyz Force promises an interesting story split across two worlds; one Light and one Dark.  At the beginning of the game, players choose for their main character either Cecilia, priestess of the Light world, or Levant, knight of the Dark world.  Picking one over the other will have a large effect on the story’s characters, venue and progress.

A glimpse at the battle system has also been provided, showing a turn-based system where players can choose to place each of their three party members in one of three different rows; front, middle or back.  Placement will have effects on attack power and accuracy, as well as damage received.

Hexyz Force is due out for the PSP in Japan on November 12 of this year.

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