FFCC: The Crystal Bearers Details Almost Revealed

Square-Enix recently confirmed that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is due for a North American launch this year. When, exactly, is still up in the air, although a holiday release seems likely.

As for the plot, details have begun to emerge about the game world, specifically in a cover feature for this month’s Nintendo Power. The article revealed that one race, the Lilties, has achieved technological superiority and currently reigns supreme over the other races. Science is king and magic, wielded by crystal bearers – such as the one you play – is viewed with suspicion and disdain. Other details are mentioned, such as a dramatic fight scene that ends with the main character, Layle, using his power to keep a crippled airship aloft. Even money says he’ll still have to hunt for a key to a locked door at some point.

A portion of the article can be read here.

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