Dragon Age Social Network Takes Comparing Achievements Up a Notch

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In any case, BioWare has released details of a social networking feature for the upcoming Dragon Age: Origins. This network will record and store key information about each player’s achievements, character builds, decisions in the story, and even screenshots, to be shared with other players across platforms.

Dragon Age connects to a “social” website, accessible by way of a free account, and the player’s saved games will automatically update that account with a breakdown of their character. A screenshot of a beta version revealed simple statistics tracking – kills, physical stats, levels, most powerful foe slain, et cetera – but comments from the team also suggest more complicated details will be shared. In particular, completed quests will be tracked in a fashion that indicates how the player finished them, and later versions reportedly will feature this in a journal format; initial plans to have the game interface with Twitter were scrapped in favor of this system.

The PC version will allow the taking and uploading of screenshots. Plans are underway to implement a web browser on the consoles to interact with the social website, and it is likely the service will undergo several changes following the initial launch. Online producer Fernando Melo stated that the intent is to get players to share their accomplishments and take note of content they may have missed, or not even knew existed. Melo cites one instance in particular where the player is thrown in jail after losing a certain battle, then having dozens of ways to escape.

Dragon Age: Origins is scheduled for a November 3 release in America, and November 6 in Europe.

Source: Kotaku

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