Famitsu Showcases Lunar PSP’s Four Heroes Scenario

Previously, we reported that Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star (known as Lunar: Silver Star Harmony on this side of the world) will contain an additional scenario entitled “The Four Heroes.” Gungho and GameArts recently confirmed via Famitsu that this scenario does in fact cover the adventures of Dragonmaster Dyne.

In this scenario, an evil wizard has seized the Goddess Althena and summoned five entities known as the Princes of the Black Star to aid him in his plan to destroy humanity. Players will guide Dyne, Mel, Ghaleon, and Lemia as they battle against the evil wizard and his minions.

Famitsu also noted that the game will include bromides, which is no surprise.

Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star will be released in Japan on November 12. XSEED will publish the game as Lunar: Silver Star Harmony in North America next year.

Source: Famitsu

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