Mass Effect 2: Adept Redux and Save Import Details

In a recent interview, BioWare’s Christina Norman unveiled a few more tidbits about Mass Effect 2, especially as pertains to biotics in general and the Adept class in particular. Bullet points under the clip:

– Cooldown timers on abilities have been reduced. Norman states that the Adept class was envisioned as primarily relying on their biotic powers throughout combat, necessitating less time between ability use.

– Abilities have also been remapped on the controls to minimize time spent on the pause menu, encouraging real-time use of personal and squad abilities.

– Biotic abilities have been reworked to provide greater precision over their use; most notably, they can now be arced around corners and other obstacles to strike enemies behind cover. Angle of impact will effect how enemies react to each power, and the player will have some control over where an enemy is pulled or thrown.

– Norman stated that “we’ve removed armor and weapon skills completely,” and any class will be able to equip any weapon or armor without restriction.

– Sufficiently leveled biotic powers will have upgrade options. Singularity, for instance, will have an option to increase either its duration or its area of effect upon being maxed out.

– Imported characters from Mass Effect will be able to change their class before starting. Norman hinted that there will be a story justification for the change in abilities.

Source: IGN

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