Sakura Wars Bound for Wii, PS2 Stateside

NIS America has just announced that Sakura Wars: So Long My Love, their mech-based strategy RPG, will be coming to North American retailers early next year. The PlayStation 2 version will include an art book, poster, and special collector’s edition cover, while the Wii version be a single dual-layered disc offered at an “attractive” but unspecified price point. Additionally, the PS2 copy will feature both English and Japanese voice tracks, while the Wii will only offer English.

Combining ground and air combat, Sakura Wars has players taking control of bipedal mech suits. The suits are capable of transforming into jet fighters, and each mode carries its own weapon set and movement method. Additionally, the course of the plot depends largely on character interaction throughout the game, and your responses to various people can change the game right up to the finale.

Sakura Wars will be released for both platforms on March 23, 2010.

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