Persona 3 Portable Preorder Bonus: You Get a Hat

An Atlus press release revealed the earth-shattering news that preorders of Persona 3 Portable will get a hat modeled after that of character Junpei Iori. Aram Jabbari, Atlus’ resident PR guru and hat afficionado, was quoted thusly: “We could think of no more exciting a pre-order bonus than something straight out of the game, an extra that evokes a beloved character and has the power to make gamers feel like they’re part of the SEES squad of students responsible for saving the world from darkness.”

The news stunned hat people across the globe, and it somehow even reached lands that do not technically exist. Response was overwhelmingly positive, especially from an anonymous but well-coiffed Red Mage hailing from CompletelyUnrelatedsville in Windurst, Vana’Diel; a city that knows a quality hataru when it sees it. According to the Red Mage’s own press release, “Yeah, it’s a pretty good hat.”

There may have been something in the press release about how the offer only applies to select vendors (,, and Gamestop/EB Games) and that supplies are limited, but this author found it difficult to concentrate on minute details in the presence of hatly goodness. Further information, however, can be found at the Persona 3 Portable website.

Fans not too hat-obsessed to wonder when the actual game is out may recall that it hits shelves July 6.

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