Bethesda Unveils Fallout: New Vegas CE Goodies, Wants Your Questions

Coming straight from Bethesda’s blog, the contents of the Collector’s Edition for Fallout: New Vegas have been revealed. In a move sure to delight the six people that dumped their stat points all into luck, the CE keeps the gambling theme and contains the following:

  • Seven “Lucky 7” poker chips, modeled after those of the in-game casinos around the Vegas strip.
  • A customized set of playing cards featuring characters and factions from New Vegas; apart from existing card games, these can be used to play Caravan, Obsidian’s card game created specifically for New Vegas.
  • A replica “Lucky 38” platinum chip.
  • The graphic novel “All Roads”; backstory for New Vegas written by Obsidian’s Chris Avellone, the game’s creative director.
  • “The Making of Fallout: New Vegas” DVD, containing exclusive video content and developer interviews.

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North American preorders may be placed today through participating retailers; GameSpot is specified in the blog post.  Europeans will be able to place preorders in the following weeks, though an exact timeframe was not stated.

Additionally, Bethesda has launched community Q&A pages for New Vegas on Facebook and Twitter, where fans can submit questions directly to Obsidian staff.

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