Radiant Historia Coming Soon to Japan, Announces Atlus

Atlus is creating a brand new traditional RPG for the Nintendo DS, according to this week’s Famitsu.  Dubbed Radiant Historia, the game is due out November 4 in Japan, pricing at 6279 yen (or $71.97, so sayeth the wise currency converter.)

Several veteran developers have signed on to the project: designer Satoshi Takayashiki and character/art designer Hiroshi Konishi worked in the same roles on Radiata Stories, director Mitsuru Hirano hails from the Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne series, and composer Yoko Shimomura, who worked on the various Kingdom Hearts soundtracks, will be scoring music for Historia.

Some details about the game and plot were revealed as well.  Set in the deteriorating world of Vancule, the story focuses on an agent named Stok.  An attempted rescue of a fellow agent goes south, and somehow the incident gives Stok a limited ability to travel through time and across a dimensional barrier to a parallel world.  The majority of the game will focus on hopping around to fix mistakes made in the past.  Less is known about the gameplay, though it is turn-based and the turn order will be set at the very beginning of the battle.  Characters whose turns come up simultaneously can perform joint attacks, and enemies are arranged on a 3×3 grid with more vulnerable creatures protected in the rear position.

No indication has been given of a US release for Historia.

Source: 1UP

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