ESRB Rates Ar tonelico Qoga

The ESRB recently released its rating for Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel. The third game in a series that has become increasingly suggestive, Ar tonelico Qoga has received an M rating for overt sexual content and language.

The game has nude female characters whose breasts and genitals are covered only by hands or beams of light, female characters wearing only their underwear, and a scene that shows bare buttocks. One scene features a male character verbally coercing a female character to strip, and the installation port scenes have heavy innuendo and moaning. There’s also some swearing; the ESRB description says that “‘sh*t,’ ‘a*shole,’ and ‘b*tch,’ appear in the dialogue.” All ESRB ratings descriptions are censored in this manner, so the game may show the words in their entirety.

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