What Happened This Week – This Belongs in a Museum

How’s things, everybody?  It’s that time again, time to pick back up Valkryia Chronicles 2 and prepare my New Vegas dude for the next batch of DLC.  But before we do that, join me as we discuss the news and celebrate my favorite British Let’s Player getting his very own fanart.  In this week’s headlines:

  • Yeah, more lolSony: SOE goes offline, still more personal data is compromised, and congressional testimony reveals uncomfortable information about Sony’s security.
  • Friendly reminder: SOE laid off hundreds back in March, and our poor economy is literally driving people insane.  Just saying.
  • Too Human is still on the agenda for Silicon Knights, and Dyack still blames the mess on Epic.  Technoviking is not convinced.
  • Ubisoft is launching a movie/TV studio.  That faint screaming you hear is me, as the act of typing that made me remember it.
  • The Smithsonian tallies the votes on their Art of Videogames Exhibition.  I give my reactions to some of the picks.  Check out the whole list here.
  • NPD speaks on the mobile games market, 1UP gets picked up by IGN, and I nostalgia like it’s 1993.

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