Yet More Type-0 Information

A large Dengeki feature broke more details about Final Fantasy Type-0.

Gilgamesh has been confirmed as an l’Cie who has “gained the power of the Genbu crystal but has forgotten its mission.”  Genbu is one of the game’s four Peristyliums, special schools housing the aforementioned crystals, and Genbu people are predominantly soldiers settled in a harsh, mountainous terrain.  As for Gil, he’s voiced by Kazuya Nakai and serves as one of the game’s literal giant bosses, as in physically many times larger than the characters.

Additional characters have also been revealed.  Sice, King, and Eight are playable, specializing in the scythe, dual guns, and hand-to-hand combat respectively.  Eight, apparently, shuns the use of weapons out of some distaste for taking life.  Outside the party, one Arecia Al-Rashina is the head of Suzaku’s magic division, Suzaku being the school where the main characters are studying.

Type-0 will feature both encounter-based battles – no confirmation if they’re randomly generated – and invasions by enemy forces.  As sections of the map come under attack, you’ll be called upon to join the defense.  One particular world map mission involves clearing a city of hostile troops and their commanders, which later allows you to shop for items there.

Lastly, a demo session showcased some of the game’s battle system.  In combat, colored marks appear over particularly vulnerable enemies; connecting a strike on a red target kills it instantly, while yellow inflicts critical damage.  Special orders will also appear during missions as optional objectives, which grant items and other bonuses.  Failing them means your character dies, so you can accept or ignore orders as they appear.

Source: Andriasang

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