Persona Director Comments on Series News

Recent news has put Persona back in the spotlight, with the announcement of a Vita port for Persona 4, a fighting game adaptation, and hints of a possible Persona 5 in the works. Speaking with Famitsu, Persona studio head Katsura Hashino revealed a few scraps of info for each title:

As it turns out, Persona 4 was originally considered for the PSP, but moved to the Vita due to hardware limitations. Commenting on Persona 3 Portable‘s option to play as a female character, Hashino said “We aren’t going quite that unconventional this time.” He confirmed the expected additions of more story sequences, voice work, Personas, and so on.

The fighting game, The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, had been under consideration for some time. Arc System Works’ BlazBlue team will be responsible for the gameplay system, while story, dialogue, and animation supervision will fall under Atlus’ umbrella.

Regarding the not-technically-confirmed-yet Persona 5, Hashino stated that “We’ve just about wrapped up the groundwork for the next ‘number’ title.” Story themes are mostly set, and the team is close to beginning actual development. In particular Hashino mentioned the team had completed work on an in-house development engine, in contrast to the middleware used for Catherine.

Source: 1UP

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