Square Enix Announces Welcome Back, Legacy Campaigns for FFXIV

Reminding people that Final Fantasy XIV is still running, Square Enix has launched a pair of promotional campaigns for the game. The first is for legacy players, those who have paid for at least three months since January, when billing began. Eligible players will be contacted via email and receive a discounted subscription ($9.99 for 30 days), along with 40 character slots at a maximum of eight per world. With the launch of 2.0, these players will also get an exclusive chocobo mount and may have their names listed in the update’s credits.

The second promo is the Welcome Back campaign, aimed at luring players with inactive accounts. Players can reactivate for free between May 9 and May 20, coinciding with updates to the job system and Seventh Umbral Era content.

Source: Joystiq

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