Bravely Default Gameplay, Collector’s Pack Details

More details regarding Bravely Default: Flying Fairy have emerged, starting with character customization. Similar to that of Final Fantasy V, the game’s job system lets you learn active and passive skills – Job Commands and Support Abilities – from one job and use them with another. Naturally, this carries limitations; only one Job Command can be set for that of a different job, while Support Abilities are limited by a cost system for allotment. Also revealed was a Tales-like skit system, where on-screen prompts will allow party members to engage in optional dialogue.

As for the package itself, a limited edition of the game will include a copy of the game, the original soundtrack, an art album, a custom 3DS case, and a life size AR poster. The LE runs at ¥12,800, which is double the standard price of ¥6,090 and sold only through Squenix’s e-shop.

Source: Andriasang

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