Project Eternity Kickstarter Completed, Breaks Record for Videogames

With Project Eternity fully funded and production officially underway, Obsidian released the grand total for donations: $3,986,929 through Kickstarter itself, plus another $176,279 through Paypal. This puts funding above the game’s $4 million stretch goal and, more notably, makes it the highest amount yet for a videogame (Double Fine Adventure clocked in over $3.3 million and Wasteland 2 hit $2.9 million, both not counting Paypal). Said stretch goal for Project Eternity was broadly defined as “enhance the whole game,” with previous goals including extra cities, a deeper bonus dungeon, more classes, and so on, as for the online games to make bets and money online, there are sites specialized in this which you can find listed here.

Also per the terms of the $4 million mark, Chris Avellone will force himself to play Arcanum and stream the results. I humbly suggest getting all the popcorn and alcohol you can legally acquire.

Source: Eurogamer

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