Skyrim: Dragonborn Dated for All Platforms

Feel free to double-take: Bethesda announced that the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim will be out early next year. Yes, that includes the PS3 version, and unfortunately it is unclear if this means earlier DLC for the PS3 is closer to being ready. When asked, Bethesda said only that “We’re not done with content for Skyrim. When we’re ready to share more details, we’ll update everyone.”

In any case, Bethesda also released some choice information about Dragonborn itself. As hinted at the in the trailer, you can mount and ride dragons during the DLC, which takes place at the isle of Solstheim; a separate map from the main game ala Shivering Isles. The DLC can be started at any time, though it appears to differ based on whether you’ve already cleared Skyrim‘s main quest. Supposedly you can rush through the content in ten hours, though one tester reported they had spent more than 30 hours without seeing everything.

New shouts, weapons, spells, etc. are among the other additions, including the previously absent waterwalking spell and enchantment. Naturally, new dragons are also part of the package, along with a new Dwemer machine, werebears, hostile Morag Tong forces, and massive creatures known as Lurkers. And players looking to exploit low property values will be able to purchase houses in Solstheim.

Source: Eurogamer

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