Valhalla Knights 3 Set for October Release

Valhalla Knights 3, the little series that just keeps on truckin’, will launch on North American PS Vitas starting in October, according to publisher XSEED Games. The company also released details about the game’s seven races, which run the gamut from standard fantasy to more imaginative (and specialized):

  • Humans, predictably, are the short-lived baseline for other races; jacks-of-all-trades that can handle just about any role.
  • Elves live for centuries, with long-term perspectives to match, and have natural affinity for magic.
  • Halflings compensate for reduced physical strength with dexterity, excelling in stealth, archery, and thievery.
  • Dwarves, as is typical, are a focused, industrious people who generally shun magic; they stand out as fighters and soldiers.
  • Beasts are one of the more unique races, capable of using weapons but often relying on their own claws, physical prowess, and natural abilities.
  • Nightmares physically resemble dark-skinned elves, but are generally taller and less physically able, relying even moreso on magic.
  • Machines are a race of debatable sentience, their progress measured in upgrades; they don’t slot into jobs as other races do, but are uniquely suited to using heavy firearms.

Source: Gematsu

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