Natural Doctrine Delayed, Details Delivered

A Famitsu preview for Natural Doctrine revealed some new information about the upcoming RPG. Specifically, two characters were detailed: Nebula, a proud, somewhat twisted, but allegedly kind-hearted wizard; and Tatiana, a tomboyish weapons expert who gets along better with orcs than humans.

The various subspecies also got a closer look, explaining their particular quirks: goblins excel at mining and metalwork; lizard people are intelligent and skilled in both weapon and magical combat; orcs are physically strong, through crudely organized in a feudal society; minotaurs are massive and resilient, but are uncivilized and cruel; dragons are ancient monsters, seemingly unsupported by the current ecosystem; gurions are similarly legendary, appearing only to consume everything and evolving based on what they consume.

Pricing was explained in the preview. The PS Vita version weighs in at 5,980 yen, both the PS3 and PS4 versions are priced at 6,980 yen, and the limited edition “Take Out Pack” – which includes both the PS4 and Vita versions – reaches 7,980 yen. However, a separate report from Dengeki later confirmed the title’s release date has been pushed back; Natural Doctrine will launch on March 19, instead of its original February 22 date.

Source: Gematsu

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