More Bravely Second Details; Bravely Default Passes One Million Sales

By way of the official website, Square Enix has released more information about Bravely Second, specifically a new location, Agnes’ role, and character classes.

Said location is Guatelatio, a major city that houses the headquarters for the Crystal Orthodoxy, and also sits at the highway entrance to the Temple of Earth and the Holy Land. Previously, Guatelatio had managed to rid itself of the Orthodox Knights, but over time more peaceful relations were established between Eternia and the Orthodoxy.

Agnes, meanwhile, is responsible for putting the Crystal Orthodoxy back together, and eventually became its fourth pope; the last of which was apparently centuries ago. Well liked by the masses, she has put most of her effort towards the peace treaty ceremony being held in Guatelatio.

As for the jobs, four have been listed so far. Valkyries are an offensive class, using midair hit-and-run tactics and favoring the use of spears. Performers support other party members with stat-boosting songs. Time Mages field various themed powers, for instance controlling the flow of time to heal the party or deal proportional damage to the enemy. And Red Mages use both White and Black for a range of offensive and defensive purposes.

Incidentally, Bravely Default recently topped one million sales worldwide, and a free-to-play version of the game is available on the Japanese Nintendo eShop.

Source: Gematsu

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