NPCast XI-2: This is Three Chocobo! Waaaaaark!

Radio Free Jeuno returns! It’s been over two weeks since the update alongside the release of A Moogle Kupo d’Etat, and we’ve had time to partially digest the changes both have brought. Our impressions: mixed, to be charitable. Join Nerdboy, Alethea, and myself as we discuss the new things lurking about the wilds of Vana’Diel. Also, Nerdboy assaults the elderly. Like, a lot. Eight times.

We are accepting mailbag requests for a Q&A session in our next podcast, so please, fire off those comments and feedback… things! Whatever the plural noun form of feedback is. FFXI stuff, general stuff, questions about fanfiction that I wrote when I was young and stupid two weeks ago, it’s all good. Lay it on us, we’ll answer it.

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