Final Fantasy XIV Site Launched, Nations Named

On top of the information about Final Fantasy XIV‘s job and quest system, Square Enix has recently started to release information about Eorzea’s three city-states: Ul’dah, Gridania, and Limsa Lominsa. Constructed from the remnants of ships on a series of small islands, Limsa Lominsa boasts a powerful navy, named the Knights of the Barracuda. With an economy dependent on fishing, shipping, and shipbuilding, the city-state appears to have a vested interest in keeping control over the high seas. Other nations suspect, however, that the Knights are collaborating with pirate groups operating within Limsa Lominsa’s waters.

Further details and artwork are available on Final Fantasy XIV‘s website, located here. Information about Ul’dah and Gridania has not yet been posted.

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