What Happened This Week – Cost-Cutting Spin Doctors Reopen Europe

Welcome back, everybody! Good to be back from Las Vegas, where tragically I was unable to recruit Danny Trejo and hunt down Matthew Perry. But I suppose a nacho platter at Margaritaville is victory enough for one trip. Anyway, it’s time to round up What Happened This Week. Let’s see what we have this time:

  • Sony convinces European authorities to release PS3s, but the legal back-and-forth with LG continues.
  • Human Revolution sees a release date, and the reason for the pushback likely goes deeper than Final Fantasy XIV‘s misfired launch.
  • Microsoft to retool Windows Live and apologize for unleashing it.  Well, they’re doing the first one at least.  Also, speculation on possible price cuts.
  • Best Buy is on the ropes, but Amazon.com and Steam need better infrastructure to viably fill the gap.
  • Strange but true: criticize BioWare, get locked out of Dragon Age 2.  Developers have feelings too, you know!
  • Krazy Kaz is back, E3 rumor mills are in full swing, and portables join consoles in the counterproductive spending arms race.
  • Japan, as you know, was recently hit by a massive earthquake and resulting tsunami.  The Red Cross is accepting donations, so chip in if you can.

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