Current Quests – Week of 11/11/07

Greetings fellow gamers. Alas, I have no puns for you this week, witty or otherwise. Instead, we’re working hard to bring you more reviews this month than ever before. Which reviews? Well, read on to find out.Cortney “Alethea” Stone is enjoying some adventures on the GBA with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Has it advanced in the years since the PS1 version? She’s only halfway through right now, but her upcoming review will tell.

Michael “CactuarJoe” Beckett is piloting Wanzers and a sailboat in Front Mission DS and Wind Waker respectively. The sailing isn’t catching his interest quite as much as blowing stuff up with giant futuristic mechs. Go figure. He plans to review both titles. If he doesn’t blow them up first.

John “Karlinn” Boske is going on a trip soon, but he’s trying to fit in a review of Arcanum before he leaves. Mass Effect is looking very tempting to him right now as well. Should he go for it?

Michael “Slayer of God” Kozinko is still waiting on his copy of Digital Devil Saga. In the meantime, he has been training more powerful Pokémon. He’d probably accept your challenge if you’d like to fight, but you might not want to unless you’re pretty confident. He’s also been playing some Resident Evil, but as he said last week, “it’s not an RPG series, so we don’t care.”

Jerry “XeroZohar” Swain just got his wisdom teeth out, so he’s resting right now.

Jason “Ishmael” Schreier is still on vacation.

As for me, well, as you may have heard from CactuarJoe a while back, the fires down here threw me way off schedule since I needed to evacuate for a while. Luckily, everything turned out well, with the exception of losing a week. As a result, I’ve mostly just been playing catchup with non-site and behind-the-scenes site stuff these last weeks. Now that I’m pretty much done with that, I can catch up on the reviews I owe you, ideally before Thanksgiving weekend ends. Maybe I can even fit in some time with Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. Possibly the new Fire Emblem or Naruto RPG.

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